About us


      Who is Tay-ky?  Well the company started simply enough.  We were frustrated.  After being in the industry for years and building his own home, he had enough.  We wanted clients to get a renovation with quality products and not break the bank.  After being in the construction industry for years and then building our home we were disappointed how often people took short cuts and limited clients choices.  We saw too often that excuses were made instead of finding solutions to the problems. 


      With that in 2009 Tay-ky was started, It was our mission was simple, to make renovations better.  We wanted clients to be able to choose the product they wanted and get the information they needed to make an educated decision.  We also wanted the "bones" of every project to be top notch.   In the beginning we drove his guys nuts, as we never accepted the phrase “it will do” or “it will pass".  For us every aspect of the project had to be completed to the best of the trade’s abilities.   We also went out to find companies and suppliers that believed the same things he did.


      After a short period Bonnie began helping out.  I could see what Tay-Ky was after and the challenges that the company faced.  I brought my technology and business knowledge to company, and we went off and running.  At first I worked behind the scenes, strengthening vendor relations, sourcing products and helping with solutions for building issues.   Soon I was taking clients to various vendors and suppliers and getting them the information, right from the source.   We were quickly able to provide clients with the information they needed to make an educated choice that was right for them.   We also discovered a wonderful plus for our client.  The vendors all have people on staff that were not only knowledgeable about their products, but also had a wonderful sense of style.  Our clients now could benefit from some great designers and got some fantastic suggestions for their needs.


      We also soon realized that many people needed a place to start, so we began creating renovation packages.  Continuing with the company goal to provide better than builder grade material, the materials were all from great suppliers.  We had standards like Toto toilets, Mohawk smart strand carpet and Moen faucets to name a few.  When he was questioned on why not cheaper products?  His answer was simple " Do you like cleaning a plugged toilet?”  We soon found that by putting the packages together it was a great place for clients to start.   This meant we could easily focus on the parts of the project that were important to them and they would have piece of mind that the parts that they were not so focused about would still be a quality product.


      Along the way we also have done our best to take the stress out of renovating for our client.  Don't get me wrong, a renovation is stressful.  But we work with each client to reduce the stress and worry.  Between Tay-ky's high standards and the great people we have worked with over the years we have managed to create a great working atmosphere for each project. 


        We continue today with offer packages renovations and full custom renovations. But our focus still remains that each renovation project is up to our standards.   Each renovation project is unique and we work with each client to meet there needs.  Every project we have done has a unique challenge and story. Weather it was finding that perfect piece of granite, how to build a Dream LED wet bar or how to get fireplace where there should not be a fireplace.  We have had our share of renovation challenges and hope to have many more.