City of Calgary Bylaws


Knowing about the City of Calgary bilaws is important for any type of renovation.  We are frequently asked does that need a permit or what are we allowed or not allowed.  Here are the links to the City of Calgary website on our more commonly asked questions.

Basement Development Bylaws

Do you need a permit for you basement development?  What if it is already developed and you just want to update it. Or maybe you want to add a bathroom. 

Secondary Suites

 Thinking about building a secondary suite?    What zoning do I need to be?  Has the city changed the regulations. Here is a link to the latest informtion from the city

Wood Deck Bylaws

Do I need a permit for my deck?  Why should I get a permit for my deck?  How high off the ground can I build it?

Garage / Shed Bylaws

How big can I build my garage?  Do I need to permit the shed?  Can I build the garage to accomidate a car lift?