Outdoor Living Decks

Spruce~Pressure Treated~Cedar~Vinyl~Compsite

Quality Craftsmanship with Standard Picture Frame Edges on every deck!

A beautiful custom deck is the centre piece of most outdoor living spaces.  Why settle for a standard deck when you can create a warm inviting deck that is beautiful, functional and will last for years to come.  Weather you are looking for a cedar stained deck or a composite easily living deck we at Tay-ky can build the deck of your dreams.

Most people ask how big should my deck be?  To fit a small round dining table your deck needs to be at least 12x12.   But you also want room to move around and enjoy the outdoor without having to move furniture,  The average deck size  is between 300 -400 sq ft.  

How will my new space work?  Will I like the design?  How do I know my barbecue will fit?  We help take the worry out of building your outdoor living space.  Our team bring our experience and knowledge to each job and we draw out your new space so you can see how everything will fit.  Adding privacy wall and features where they will work best for your outdoor living space.  With our in house 3D rendering program you can be confident that your outdoor living space will be everything your imagined.