Why Toto Toilets?

We have all see the Pete the Plumber commercial and yes having a toilet that flushes “waste” without plugging up is important to us. But why a Toto toilet?

To start Toto toilets are ADA compliant. Meaning they meet the requirements for promoting water efficiency. For most of us that means they are low flush toilets, no wasted water here.

Does low flush mean the toilet will not move “waste” as well? No, Toto toilets have been designed with a E- max flushing system and have a fully glazed trap way so that waste moves quickly and freely through your toilet.

Toto toilets are also made with a Sana Gloss ceramic glaze, throughout the bowl and trap way. This smooth glaze helps keep the toilet cleaner and all of that “ waste” moving freely.

Toto toilets also come with standard soft close lids. As a mom of two after hearing the lid slam over and over again, it was a pleasure to have silence.

For those that are wondering Toto does not sell toilets that come out defective from the manufacturing process. The company has looked a several different solutions for recycling/repurposing defective product. You can check out the latest initiative on there website here.

Toto toilets are not the least expensive for upfront cost in the market. I am sure you can find someone that will install a $99 low efficiency toilet (lets say you find a deal and it is $300 with install). But knowing that your toilet will flush just about anything and will not hold on to stains is something that I personally think is worth the small additional cost. I mean Pete the plumber is installing them for $535 with install. For $235 over the lifetime of a toilet it is well worth the cost.


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