Who is Sherle Wagner International?

Luxury faucets

A client of ours challenged us one day and wanted a very elegant and luxurious faucet. Like many of our clients they sent me a picture of what they wanted. I received a picture of a 24 carat gold faucet. The faucet was beautifully done. In a phrase it was refined elegance. I will admit that it was not for every one, but as soon as I saw the picture, it completely fit the style the client. So off I went to find the faucet for them.

After a short investigation I found that is was designed by a world renowned Architect and Artist by the name of Sherle Wagner. Mr. Wagner started the company in 1945 with his wife Rose. The goal was to use old work techniques to provide the ultimate in luxury for a bathroom. Since 1945 the company has completed elegant projects all over the world from the Burj Al Arab in Dubai to the Plaza hotel in New York. All in the utmost in luxurious living.

Sherle Wager International creates pieces that inspire. The artful pieces range from the ultimate in old world luxury to art Nuevo or a more mid century American design. Every detail from the toilets, plumbing fixtures, to the cabinet handles, lighting and wallpaper are taken into consideration when they are creating your luxury bathroom. They continue to create products that demand the highest quality of American craftsmanship and design.

After finding out more about the line and the quality that goes into each product. It would be wonderful if I could put them into every one of our projects. But pricing does play a factor. We know that most people will not be able to afford Sherle Wagner, but there are a number of great manufacturers that provide quality products and in a wide range of styles to suit your style. We work with you and our many preferred vendors to provide you a wide range of quality faucets and fixtures selections that will suit your style and budget.

To get back to the Sherle Wagner faucets, we needed to balance price and style for this client. I was able to find another quality American manufactured faucet that better balanced their style with their budget. We are proud to say that we managed to create the luxurious space the client dreamed of.

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