Full Panel Feature walls

Feature walls have taken a leap in the last few years. The biggest change is the affordability and range of products. Everything from slim real stone panels to laminate panels. No longer do you have to install the full stone slabs to get that solid single panel wall look. You have many options to either get a natural stone or a faux textures product up on your wall.

For the natural stone and porcelain there area few products out there that come in a 4 foot by 8 foot size, cost is still a bit on the higher side. But you are getting a very large panel and the WOW that comes with installing full panels. You can even install panels that can be LED back lite for an additional WOW factor. The best part about these panels is that you are getting either the natural stone or the natural stone look at a fraction of the cost. You save cost, as you walls no longer need additional reinforcing and/ or engineering to support the weight that used to be associated with putting up full panel walls.

There are also new products on the market that are very light weight make from laminates that not only are 4 ft. by 8ft, but are also textured and provide the full 3D effect for your feature wall. Because we are dealing with laminate we have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from currently we have access 72 design s and 41 different finishes, plus custom designs. These great panels are also designed to go together with a minimal seam, so if you want a larger feature wall it is not problem. Starting from as low at $1500 installed! You can add final touch to you room that you have always dreamed of.

Weather you are looking for your home or for a commercial application with these new products we have a wide range of options we can show you to complete your space with the right finishing touch for the walls. Contact us to see how you can get these full wall panels for your project.


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