Perfect lighting

How do you find the perfect light? There are many different lighting companies and although I love that there are a few big retailers that bring in the major lines, sometime it is the boutique shops that have the “just right light”. They bring in the lights that maybe the designer only does 1-2 styles, but the style is what you are looking for.

Thanks to a client I recently stumbled onto one of those places. In Calgary the Modern duke is bringing in lights from the Visual comfort line. This line of lighting has many great designers that are creating lights that are not just the mainstream. Everything from more classic French styling to a very modern, but eye-catching style that is uniquely it own.

What I love about the visual comfort line is that is that the name says it all. No matter what your style the lights are designed to be appreciated at all times, not just when the light is on.

If you have time you stop in at The Modern Duke on 17th ave and check out there lights along with all the wonderful details the bring in for the modern home. Or you can check them out anytime on line. Either way you will be impressed with the how the simplest thing can make the entire room come together.


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