Quality vs. Price

For those that have never renovated before, we start you with our renovation package. We start here because we have already included some great quality products in our base. We don’t expect you to know everything, but we want you to have a quality project. For example here are some of our quality standards

  • Toto Toilets

  • Mohawk carpet

  • Grout that does not require sealing

  • Moen and Delta faucets

  • Led pot lights

Quality standards are about your quality of life. Personally I hate dealing with a plugged toilet. Having a quality low flow toilet that will always flush is something that is worth the extra few dollars. We also always talk with each client about his or her needs. Have you had full glass showers before? Are you ok with cleaning the glass/calcium build-up? The difference on brass or porcelain faucets (I am talking about the internal working parts).

But quality is also balanced with style. The cost of the faucet you love may be out of budget. But can we find some thing similar and not sacrifice quality? Maybe the hardwood floor is too much; will a laminate be the same?

The answer is, yes we will work with you to find the right balance between the style and quality you want and hopefully stay on budget too. We will help you figure out where is the best to spend a little more and where you can save, and still be happy.

Helping you find that right balance between cost, style and quality is always our goal. We want you to enjoy your renovation for years to come, not just the moment it is finished.

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