Do you need a designer?

For some the thought of trying to design their own space is daunting. Clients go through all sorts of questions. What colors go together? What happens if I choose the wrong thing? What do I do with this awkward space? How do I visualize the final product? Can a designer help me figure it out?

Designers can really help out. They have the “eye” and experience with many different styles, textures and ideas. But they can also hinder, as there style may not suit you lifestyle. Now don’t get me wrong there are great designers out there, but you need to find the right one for you.

We have worked with designer with clients and clients without designers. Personally over the years working with many different clients I have found that each one of our clients does know what they like and don’t like. After we have figured that out the rest is an easy and fun process to put together a renovation that fits the client’s needs and style. In fact the clients that have been most happy with there renovations with us are the ones that did not have designers they were working with.

Why are those clients so happy? We believe it is because with our process we listen to what our clients are asking for and work to make those ideas come to life. If we can’t figure it out. We source out the right materials and the right people to talk to from our many vendors that can help out. We travel around with our clients to the various vendor showrooms with all the samples and the understanding of how the completed project should look. We help out by providing the background information to our vendors for the project and potential limitations. And all of our clients have been able to easily put together all the pieces and the final product is exactly what they wanted. And, yes we have overcome some very awkward spaces.

We do have a wealth of experience and between Colin’s ability to visualize and mine to understand everything from the very traditional to the very modern looks. We are able to help each client with figuring out how to make each clients space they way they want it.

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