Now Nest Certified

We are excited to announce that we have been certified as Nest Pro installers. With our certification we now offer our clients the ability to add the Nest line of products to their home renovation project.

With the launch of the third generation of the Nest Thermostat they have opened the doors to new product that can be run with your system. There are now products that have been certified as “Works With Nest” that you can add to make your home smarter. Products include Philips Hue lights, Whirlpool appliances, Logitech harmony remotes, Chamberlain garage doors and Mercedes cars. Nest is also working with a large list of companies and is adding products on a regular basis to the “Works With Nest” program.

Weather you are looking to add the Nest Thermostat, Next Protect or the Nest Camera, we can help you get your system up and running. Have a look at the Nest Protect video to see how adding this simple product can start to turn your home into a smart home.

#nest #homeautomation

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