Faucets from Big Box Retailers

You just saw the faucet your renovation contractor quoted you at your local big box retailer. But the price is less what he said it was worth. Did you get RIPPED off????

If you used a good contractor the answer is no. Reputable contractors order product directly from plumbing supply companies. Why does it make a difference if they bought it from a big box retailer or a plumbing supply company? What happens is big box retailers will go and by thousands of the same product for all there stores and want a better price. But manufacturer’s still have to make a bit of money. So for the bulk purchase faucets they will build the internal working parts with less expensive plastic parts. This lets the big box retailer sell the same style faucet that the plumbing supply companies sell at a lower price.

What does more plastic parts mean to you? Well it means that the working parts inside your faucet may break down sooner than the brass parts that they replaced to get you the cheaper price. Instead of having a faucet last for years, you may have to replace the internal parts and/or the faucet after the first year or two.

A faucet from plumbing supply company has a few more benefits. Not only do you have brass fittings, you will also get direct vendor and company support on any warranty or part that you may need in the future. As a company we start our clients with plumbing store supplied Moen and Delta faucets. With using name brand faucets if there is every a time your need a replacement part, you know that you will be able to get it. With lesser known brands your replacement part may not be that easy to find.

As reputable renovators we want you to enjoy your renovation for more than just the moment it is completed. So, yes your faucet was more expensive that the big box retailer, but in the end it is well worth the extra cost.

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