Does the NEST save you money?

Will getting a NEST Thermostat really save me money? Personally I hated the old programmable themostats. So with the old programmable thermostats I was one of the few that took the time to program the unit. But if found that I was constantly adjusting the temperature and or “ putting the programming on hold” because my schedule had changed. I am sure when it was actually running it was saving me money, but it got to the point where it was on hold more that running the program.

How is the NEST different? You still have to program it. NEST is different because it learns and senses activity in your home. You do have to go to the effort for the first week to remember to turn the heat up and down when you want it. And the effort is just you turning the knob to the temperature that you want. After that first week you can leave it alone and know that it will adjust the temperature all the time. You can stop adjusting after the first week and know that it will continue to work for you.

If you do adjust because you like it warmer / cooler the system remember that and will do all the adjustment for you back up or down when it senses you are not around. For most of us the thermoset is in a central location that when you are home you will pass by. So you can now let the system take over. Check out the latest version of the NEST here.

For those that are more concerned with how much money you can save, you can use the NEST to help you continue to save energy. A green leaf will let you know more information about saving energy and you can choose to act or not act. You can even go on-line with the NEST and see how your 1-degree adjustments are affecting your energy bill. You can actual see it working!

Back to the questions will the NEST save you money? Yes it will. You do have the initial cost of the device and installation. If you go for a professional install on most 2000 sq. ft. homes you will have covered the cost of the device and install within 2 years. After that you are putting money back in your pocket approx. $250 a year.

Why not add the NEST to your next home renovation project and save yourself money on your energy bill.


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