How much do LED lights save me?

We have all heard that LED light saves us energy. The number on the bulb says that you can change your 40-watt bulb to a 7.5 watt LED. So by the lower number we know that we are saving money. But how much are we really saving?

Yes I am saving 32.5 watts per bulb, but how much is that? Am I saving real money or am I saving pennies per bulb. Personally I had no idea and although I knew that it was better, I was personally skeptical.

Then I stumbled upon a chart that a Website about “Green living” and they had broken down the cost in a way that I could understand. The compared all 3 bulb types LED, CFL and Incandescent. I have to say I was shocked over how much cost savings you could achieve over the lifetime of a LED bulb. Have a look at the chart at this link

As you can see over the lifetime of a LED bulb you will save over $6600 dollars. A LED bulb would have to be continuously for 6 years before it is expected to burn out. Personally I am ok with saving $6600 on electricity.

With the chart we do we CFL bulbs and they have the same savings but why choose LED over CFL. There are three good reasons

  • One is that the Mercury gas in CFL’s is very toxic to the environment and they glass is very easy to break.There is no Mercury in LED lights

  • Two is that CFL may not work in colder conditions and they take time to warm up.LED light are not sensitive to cold

  • Three is that if you turn the light on and off quickly i.e. a closet light.The lifespan of the bulb is dramatically reduced.LED’s are not affected by quick light changes

Overall after finding this all out we are strong proponents of LED lighting. We have changes our standard Pot light to be LED because the long term benefits. There is one final great thing about LED lights. You are no longer changing bulbs every year. Personally I am ok with putting away that high ladder.

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