Can you renovate and have a Net Zero home?

This past weekend in Edmonton we had a great discussion with some people about renewable energy. This is always a tough conversation, but one that I think with reasonable heads we can come up with a great balance. I think we can find that balance between the resources that we have depended on for so many year and the new ones that we can now explore. We have a great opportunity where our resources are still abundant to explore new options.

Bringing this back to renovations how does my one home make an impact? Your home renovation can make a great impact. Renovators have been exploring the impact of “net zero” and “carbon neutral” homes and how we can help our clients incorporate this into their renovations.

Recently in Edmonton they completed a “carbon neutral” renovation to a laneway house (sorry we don’t have laneway houses in Calgary). This house was recently completed and the results were fantastic. Have a look at the video here.

Most NetZero homes are currently new homes, but there are some great and easy takeaways that renovators can use to help make your home more energy efficient. Here are some examples;

  • Installing energy efficient appliances (hot water, heating and cooling)

  • Led lighting

  • Using spray foam insulation in the walls to increase r–value or increasing wall depth to increase insulation

  • Installing programmable thermostats (that will be used – see our blog on the third generation NEST)

  • Installing Water sense facets and toilets

  • Rainwater collection barrels

  • Energy efficient windows

For those that are ready to do more here are some other things you can include in your renovation:

  • Heat recovery system for water drainage

  • Installation of solar panels

  • Automated home systems that will monitor and turn off lights, appliances and control window coverings

And hopefully soon the Tesla home battery will be here soon and not only can we generate electricity we can store it for future use easily.

With all of this we can can help you renovate to have a home that has less impact on the enviroment. And hopefully soon NetZero can also apply to renovated homes not just New homes.

#netzero #carbonneutral

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