Do I hire the Kijiji guy?

Do you hire the Kijiji guy? Don't get me wrong there are a lot of great people and things on Kijiji. It is an awesome place to sell item that still have useful life and find those one off things. But should you hire your home renovator from here?

Only if you do your homework. Check to make sure that the company you are hiring has the qualifications , licensing and insurance to get your job done. So, yes I am taking you back to school and saying you need to do your home work. Check out that company you about to hire to before they pull that bearing wall out of your home.

Here are some simple things you can do to check out any company

- Check with the BBB

- Check Service Alberta for contractor that are able to take progressive payments and or deposits

- Check on-line reviews

- Check Renomark or the Home Builders Assocation to see if the are a registered contractor

- Ask for references you can talk to. Find out if the references are friends or family

All companies start somewhere, and most don't start out with huge advertising budgets, but the good ones will want to make sure the are fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and themselves. Don't be a 6pm News story, and do you homework before your hire.

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