Are Laminate Floors Cheap?

Laminate floor has fast become a popular choice for flooring renovations as they have improved the quality and look of the product. You now can find laminate floors that a very good at mimicking hardwood. No longer just a flat printed image that looked like you put a photo on your floor.

Here are some of the things that Laminate flooring companies have done to improve the look of laminate

  • Added clear protective layers that resist scratching and sunlight discoloration

  • Created textures in the plank through embossing to emulate the natural wood

  • Made the pattern larger so you get more variation

  • Designed planks with beveled edges so you get a great flush fit

  • Added layers to provide you water resistance

Currently we feature a laminate floor that also offers Anti-bacterial coating to help keep you room not only looking good but clean as well. EuroStyle is German made laminate that has taken laminate to the next level. Not only do the offer this great anti-bacterial coating there flooring also comes with a 25-year residential warranty.

And with all these great features the flooring is also designed for the more modern home. Boards start at 7 ½’ wide and go up to 9 ½’ wide. Combine that with the latest colors this laminate is a perfect addition to you next renovation. If that was not enough we also have a selection of extra long board for those spaces that you really to impress. Come in and see our selection of EuroStyle and EuroTrend flooring. We are sure you will be impressed. Ask us how we can include this great product into your next renovation project.


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