Are you Cocooning?

It has been reported that more Canadians are Cocooning. Meaning they are forgoing the expensive vacations around the world and other indulgences and optioning to renovating there homes into there dream homes.

What make a dream home? For everyone that answer is different. Maybe a kitchen renovation that will cater to the home chef. Or maybe it is the kick ass basement renovation that includes a home theater room. Whatever the answer is more and more Canadians are making there homes livable for them.

When you think about it is honestly a great investment to complete your dream renovation project. You not only get to enjoy your living space more you also add value to your home. As I think about how many years of enjoyment I would get out of a chef kitchen vs. a month vacation. I would pick the kitchen renovation.

Join the many other Canadian that are cocooning. Take the steps to renovate your space and enjoy the benefits daily.


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