Quartz or Granite?????

What is the difference between Quartz and Granite? Which one should I choose for my kitchen renovation? Both are great products, they both have benefits. It is just deciding what is important to you.

Granite is the original stone countertop for you renovation. The slabs are cut of the quarry and shipped to their destination. Granite and marble countertops are brought from quarries all over the world. Places like Italy, Brazil and the US. The stone is either dug out a quarry or sliced out of the side of a mountain. Each piece is unique. The wonderful combination of colors and material brought together by Mother Nature. Granite comes in a wide range of material and colors. The uniqueness of each slab can easily create a focal point in your next renovation. When putting in granite countertops you can choose the exact slab that is going into your renovation project. Giving your project that one of a kind wow that can only come with natural stone.

Quartz is a man made product. The slab is created with Quartz that goes through a manufacturing process. This process ensures that we know what has gone in to each slab and how the slab will stand up to use. We know if anything will stain the slab and are more confident that the slab will not have defects / or unknowns that will affect the slab over time. Quartz slab are all the same and any color or pattern variation are planned. You can get slabs that have more of the depth like natural Granite, but they depth is still planned.

With Quartz you do get a certain amount of predictability. You will know how the slab will react to blueberry staining or cutting. With granite you are able to get those slabs that create a focal point in your home renovation. Making your renovation stand from the rest.

Which one should you choose? That is up to you. Are you after a look or are you more concerned about durability? For me the choice is tough. In some situation I prefer Quartz, i.e. creating a chef kitchen. But in other I want a great piece that will pull together the look of the room, i.e. creating a conversation island for entertaining.

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