Should you used an unlicensed contractor?

Ok this that old story. Your hired an unlicensed contractor to do your renovation. He came with references that sounded good and his price was great, but you did not check if he had his license, insurance or even WCB. The renovation seemed to go well until…

We have all heard these horror stories about renovations gone wrong, contractors leaving before the renovation work is done, accident onsite that the homeowner is responsible for, and work that is not being done to code. All things that we think will happen to someone else, but unfortunately all to common a story.

As a general contractor we know that any renovation is a major decision, weather you are doing a basement renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or a whole home. All renovation are a major decision. Be sure that you do your homework when hiring a renovator.

Being in the industry for a number of years, we have heard countless stories of renovation gone sideways. The ones that we hear the most are of projects that contractors have taken the money and left the client with ½ a job done, if that. We know that price is consideration. But the cost of having to do your renovation twice is far less than getting it done right the first time.

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