Thinking about Basement Renovations?

You have decided you need more room for you and your family. The only space left to go is the basement. How do your turn the cold and dark basement into a livable space? What can you do and how can you get it done? Where do you start planning your basement development?

Basement renovations can add a lot of value to your home. Not only with the basement renovation give you the much-added space for you and your family, but you will also add value to your home. A basement renovation can increase the value of your home. If done right.

Getting your basement renovation built to code is the first step. Every city or municipality has build regulations. The city of Calgary make is easy for you to find the building code regulations for basement renovations. You can go onto the city website or you can call 311.

Next we suggest you come up with a plan for your basement renovation. Decide what you want the space to be used for and when you want the renovation to happen. If you are planning to have the family over for the Christmas holidays, you may want to have your basement renovation done before they arrive or after they have left.

Next is deciding who should help you with your basement renovation. You may choose to renovate yourself, with the help of friends and family. Or you may choose a company to help you. In either case get yourself prepare for the time it will take to complete the basement renovation. Are you ready to have dust, dirt and people in and out of your house for the next few months? Most renovations companies allow around 8- 10 weeks to complete a basement renovation. If you are doing it yourself allow yourself at least double the time. When doing it yourself, take your time and be prepared that there will be things you have not though about.

Hiring a company to help you with your basement renovation can reduce your stress and get the job done quickly. We offer a full service basement renovation package. We can help you right from the start from planning to full completion. With 3D plans and access to a wide variety of suppliers. We can turn those ideas into your dream basement renovation. Call us to book you free showroom consultation.

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