Planning your renovation budget based on a TV show.

So you are in love with watching all the Home and Garden TV shows. Mike Homes, Brian Baulmer, Love it or list it and many others. But why is it that you can get your renovation done for the same price and same way in Calgary? Are all the contractors in Calgary just out to make as much money as possible? The TV budget are realistic, right?

After years of working with many clients we have run across this question in one form or another. The short answer is no. The contractors in Calgary are not trying to rip you off. There are some things that you need to keep in mind when you are watching those TV shows.

1. Each region has different building codes and standards for many reasons. What may work in Toronto for building standards may not work in Calgary. Our climate affects the building code standards. What may be needed for the damp moist winters in Toronto may not work in the dry arid conditions of Calgary.

2. Calgary is not a shipping hub. For material and supplies to get to Calgary there is another layer for shipping logistics and distributors that are needed to get materials an supplies here. Theses added layers of shipping and storage will add to the cost of you products. That slab of granite that comes right off the shipping container in Toronto cost a lot less than the one that has to be driven to Calgary from the same container.

3. Municipality building requirements can vary greatly. Each local municipality has it's own regulations that companies have to meet. This can greatly affect the amount of work that a company has to do. A change that may seem small ( like requiring different framing requirments) but adds a lot of material and labor costs to a project.

So before you think that the contractors in Calgary are charging to much and are ready to look the other way with the unlicensed contractor. Make sure you are considering the regional differences when hiring your contractor.

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