Alberta Energy Saving Program

For those that are looking to get in on the Alberta energy saving efficiency program there are three programs. Here they are:

1. Residential No-Cost Energy Savings Program - No-charge installation of energy efficient products to residences, including assessment of household lighting, water and heating.

2 . Residential Retail Products Program - Rebates to residential customers at retail outlets.

3. Business Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program - Incentives for high-efficiency products from a comprehensive list, including the purchase and installation of electric and gas-based products like lighting, heating and cooling systems and hot water systems.

The Residential No-Cost Energy Savings Program has announced some details the biggest of which is that you need to register on there website for the program. It is a free no charge installation of LED lights and low flow faucets. We know the project will start in April 2017. You can do so here.

There is also what seem to be a more retail driven program that will include appliances, windows and much more. We are waiting for more information on this one. As we get more information we will post updates. For now we just have to wait.

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