Working from Home

Covid-19 has created a new normal for us. Having a home office. This new normal has created a new work/life balance. We have more time with our families and we are spending less time traveling. Businesses are excited that employees are still just as productive and they are now looking at making this a full time solution. You are all in, but the kitchen table will no longer do. What do you do now?

New home offices spaces are being created in many ways. Some are converting garage space, extra rooms are being built even covering old closet to accommodate that new desk. How much space to you need, what do you need the space to do? There is so much that can make or break you new work space and help you keep your family and home life separate from your work.

Ready to help you envison your new space. Weather you are looking for a closet conversion or your need a new room built for that home office we can help. We can use our in house 3D modelling to help you envision the new home office space.

Contact us for your free initial phone consultation or send a quick e-mail with your ideas. We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

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