How to build a cool LED Wet Bar?

We were challanged by another client to build a versatile LED wet bar. Something that could be classic when needed and can be the center of party on other days.

LED wetbar

What do you think of when you are planning on that new wet bar in the basement for entertaining? With the LED lighting we can change that typical basement bar into a conversation piece.

We started building these cool LED backlight bar on a request from a client. He wanted something unique and modern looking for his bar. LED lighting

was the way to go. With the LED lighting your are able to have the classic white lights on when they are entertaining clients or the boss. Then when the friends are over and a more fun atmosphere is needed (or you want a disco party to break out) one press of the button and you can have a full LED light display running.

This great bar style can me make in a wide range of color combinations. Anything from a very clean modern look to something more traditional, all with that great LED twist that can be activated when needed.

#LED #wetbar

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